Forensic and Investigation Services

Our Forensic and Investigation Services practice offers a wide range of services globally. Our team has extensive experience in providing high-quality, timely and cost-effective investigations, advice, expert reports and expert testimony on financial and accountancy matters.


Our Partner-led teams have a proven track record of undertaking large and complex investigations across a broad range of sectors both nationally and internationally, on a variety of different matters.

We are recognised for our ability to present complex financial information in a manner that can be understood by a lay person. Our qualified accountants and fraud examiners are objective, proactive and have commercial acumen to help with:

  • Financial investigations
  • Fraud and corruption investigations
  • Government and regulatory inquiries
  • Tax investigations
  • Corporate investigation skill training 

Our work includes:

  • Fact finding to a full investigation
  • Seeking to identify the perpetrator and recovering any losses
  • Deterrence and prevention measures
  • Quantifying the alleged improper payments


Our experts have extensive experience of acting as a party appointed, single or joint expert or advisor in a host of litigation, arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures.

 We pride ourselves on our ability to provide:

  • Clear robust reports and expert testimony.
  • A practical and tailored approach to each assignment, sensitive to concerns over business disruption, confidentiality and reputation issues
  • A responsive service that meets client’s demands, recognising the inherently unpredictable nature of litigation and arbitration.

 We are able to act on a wide range of disputes, including:

  • Financial reporting disputes
  • Breach of warranty and completion of accounts disputes
  • Other transaction related disputes
  • Quantum of loss assessments
  • Contentious valuations
  • Disputes relating to breaches of international law
  • Insurance claims
  • Family and matrimonial disputes
  • Personal injury and medical negligence claims; and
  • Professional negligence claims (including relating to auditors, accountants, tax advisors, Independent Financial Advisors and corporate financiers and lawyers). 

Forensic Technology Practice

Mazars’ Forensic Technology practice can support your organisation with complex investigations and dispute resolution assignments.

We have extensive experience with misappropriation of company assets, payment fraud, data theft, corruption, anti-money laundering, asset recovery, employee embezzlement, anti-trust investigations, anti-fraud due diligence audits and the implementation of fraud prevention / detection programs and systems.

For each investigation, our team uses:

  • A consistent approach in accordance with legal requirements and best practices
  • Several court-cited digital investigations and document review platforms
  • Cutting edge data analytics tools and algorithms

The use of advanced technologies allows us to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our approach.

 Data Analytics:

  • Mazars offers data mining and forensic analysis services in connection with litigation, arbitration and investigation assignments, including data collection, analysis and reporting.
  • Our capacity to handle the technical side is complemented by our experience in fraud scheme detection as well as our understanding of the key business processes involved. Through our extensive use of data analysis software, our team helps clients to handle litigations, disputes, fraud investigations and risk.
  • Our approach uses predefined and bespoke automated detection scripts and applies evidence preservation methodology. All our data analysts have in-depth knowledge of the business and financial processes to enable them to perform application controls, fraud detection, financial figures analysis, trends analysis and application migration reviews.

 The team uses dedicated tools to perform data analysis in order to:

  • Deal with significant volumes of data, up to several millions of transactions
  • Preserve the original data provided by the client to ensure no alterations can be made
  • Keep track of all audit stages and use of developed scripts
  • Replicate data issues or re-run controls to test multiple scenarios using the scripting capability, thus improving audit efficiency
  • Efficiently integrate the existing files formats used to extract data from typical IT systems
  • Perform an exhaustive analysis, processing the complete set of transactions


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